To maximize the already thin profits produced by scalping, you need the right technology. High-frequency trading is a lot like factory work — fast, intense, and exhausting. For this reason alone, scalping bots have been developed to detect a variety of patterns to timely open and close positions.

The scalp trading game took a turn for the worse when the market converted to the decimal system. The decimal system closed the “teenie” often times to within 1 penny for high volume stocks. Years ago, when stocks were quoted in fractions, there was a standard spread of 1/16 of a dollar or a “teenie”. This spread allowed scalp traders to buy a stock at the bid and immediately sell at the ask. Hence the teenie presented clear entry and exit levels for scalp traders.

Scalping is a trading strategy designed to profit from small price changes, with profits on these trades taken quickly and once a trade has become profitable. Unlike scalpers who hold trades for nadex exchange less than 5 minutes, day traders​​ spend several hours on each trade. In addition, unlike scalpers, day traders use fundamental analysis on top of technical analysis when tracking price action.

Scalping involves numerous trades—as many as hundreds during a trading session. Frequent buying and selling are bound to be costly in terms of commissions, which can shrink the profit. The broker should not only provide requisites—like direct access to markets—but also competitive commissions. With low barriers to entry in the trading world, the number of people trying their hands at day trading and other strategies, including scalping, has increased.

scalp trading

Scalping or scalp trading is a short-term trading strategy designed to profit from small price movements in an asset’s price. The method involves profiting from the volume of trades placed instead of attempting to gain the most on each individual trade. Unlike a number of day trading strategies where you can have a win/loss ratio of less than 50% and still make money, scalp traders must have a high win/loss ratio. This is due to the fact that losing and winning trades are generally equal in size. The necessity of being right is the primary factor scalp trading is such a challenging method of making money in the market.


You can make $50 for every five pips of profit, and if you make, say, ten trades a day, this would amount to $500. However, you must naturally also factor in losing trades – of which there might be many as a scalper – to determine profitability. While a position trade may last several months or even years, and a swing trade several days up to a few weeks, a scalp trade’s duration is mere minutes, or even seconds. If you’ve read so far, you’ve encountered the terms “support” and “resistance”.

scalp trading

Scalpers can be either discretionary or systematic traders. Discretionary scalpers quickly make each trading decision based on market conditions. It is up to the trader to decide the parameters of each trade (e.g., timing or profit targets). – If you’re looking to celebrate 10 baggers, scalping isn’t the strategy for you.

Scalping vs. Day Trading

Scalping comes with the lost opportunity cost of larger gains, which requires trading discipline. Scalpers get out of trades once their profit target has been hit, rather than waiting to see whether they can profit more. They also exit trades when their target loss level has been hit, rather than waiting to see whether the trade turns around. Be sure to practice scalping techniques in a demo account or simulator before putting real capital at risk. This is not a path to immediate riches – scalping requires a particular mindset and lots of perseverance.

This may sound easy on paper, but scalping strategies will chew up traders who aren’t experienced enough to handle their emotions. This type of trade offers participants very little time to hold a stock, meaning they have to enter and exit the trade in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to holding stocks for a few hours. In a scalp trade, many positions of Trading Videos this type would be exited after just a couple of minutes, or even less than a minute, depending on the pips gained in the trade. To scalp forex without getting burned, you’ll need to primarily ensure you have a solid strategy in place. Also, due to the fast-paced nature of the short-term forex market, it helps to have a strong focus and to be observant, quick-witted and calm under pressure.

However, like scalpers, day traders avoid keeping their bets open overnight. And while this can provide huge profits if the trade is successful, losses will evening star candlestick also be magnified if the markets move in an unfavorable direction. Scalpers believe that small asset price moves are easier to catch than large ones.

Definition and Example of Scalping

In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk of actual trading. We already saw that scalping involves getting profits from small market movements. If the spread of the market that you are trading is big, you need the market to make bigger movements to get to your profit target. Scalping is the fastest possible manual trading style considering the time between the open and close of the orders. It aims to make quick profits in very small market movements.

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  • Another frequently used method is to have a defined profit target amount per trade that should be relative to the price of the asset – this can range between 0.1% to 0.25%.

Due to the extensive use of leverage, scalping is considered a high-risk style of trading. The main disadvantage of a scalping strategy is that not everyone is ready for such forex trading: the basics explained in simple terms, plus free bonus trading system fast and demanding trading. It is profitable for some traders, but also brings its own share of risks. When scalping, precise timing and prompt execution are essential.

Finding a trend

In the below 5-minute chart, see how price moves above both the 8-period and 34-period exponential moving average . Also, the shorter period EMA crosses above the longer period EMA, suggesting a potential uptrend. Scalp trading is a very short-term strategy that involves taking lots of small profits each day. Scalpers will open and close multiple positions each session – with some trading every few minutes or even seconds as they hunt for opportunities. ByBit testnetThis trading platform specializes in leveraging, allowing for up to x100 leverages on crypto derivatives.

Manage Your Risk

In addition, high-frequency trading requires a powerful computer, ultra-high-speed internet, complex algorithmic trading software, and servers often located near an exchange. For this reason, high-frequency trading is practiced by large financial institutions (e.g., hedge funds) rather than retail investors. Oscillators could be very useful for your scalp trading system because they are leading indicators; however, oscillators are not meant to be a standalone indicator. So, as stated throughout this article, you will need to keep your stops tight in order to avoid giving back gains on your scalp trades.

Cons for Scalping

This type of scalp trading is done by purchasing a considerable amount of shares and then reselling them for a gain on a tiny price difference. Arbitrage sees the trader enter into trades for thousands of shares, waiting for a small move, typically measured in cents. A scalper enters a limit order (an order to buy/sell an asset at a specified price or better) to buy a specific number of shares at a predetermined price. The trade is automatically executed once the price falls to the limit order. The price rises a minute later, and the trader exits the trade.